When you touch Reindeer Moss you feel kapok softness that makes you realize immediately how it is natural and alive. They can be turned into every kind of shape thanks to such softness and elasticity. The most outstanding point of our vertical garden designs is those plants success to stay vertical and wet through leaning on each other just behind of their puff appearance.  Those living pretty creatures animate our love of nature at our walls and fill our view areas thanks to their lives.
Terramoss bounds to art that was shaped by the nature and so sign under designs. Our each design turns into a scene by hand workmanship as to be master work of the site.
We perform unique works at our scenes belong to only you through using all techniques and materials of art at our pictures.
Terramoss Reindeer Moss is sole resolution without any alternative for living vertical gardens because they don’t need water, maintenance and fertilize.
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