No need Care
They don’t need water, sunlight, soil and maintenance. They can keep their freshness for long years same as the first day.

100 % Natural and Alive
They are 100% natural. They were collected from Scandinavia Forests carefully.

Fire Proof
They are fire proof, resistant to the fire. They are resistant against to flaming and they are safe about Fire Security.

Air Purification
They increase air quality and provide absorption of toxins and so provide contribution to our health. They provide healthier and more comfortable environment in our daily life. Moss cleans materials like ammonium, acetaldehyde, acetic acid atopy that cause smoke at the air, environment pollution therefore it is the best and the safest method in the nature.

Resistant Against to Dust
They are anti-static so they never attract dust. At the same time they don’t compose any food value so they never allow insects and pathogens.

Sound Insulation
they absorb undesired high frequency sounds as low tuning and comfortably. Reindeer Moss is very good at decreasing decibel level in indoor environments. Reindeer Moss is one of the leader products to decrease undesired high frequency sounds and composes a resting environment.

Never contains toxic and dangerous chemicals. It is environment-friendly natural material and Anti Allergic. They provide good degree credits for offices/buildings because they are 100% natural and sustainable products.

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