What is stabilization?

Stabilization is a patent method based to changing natural liveliness of the plant with a glycerin essence mixture. Plants, flowers and trees can be 100% naturally stabilized. The plants keep their natural appearances, elasticity, structures and colors without requiring any maintenance. We import the mosses that we use at our stabilized vertical applications from France, Norway and Spain.
If you have a vertical garden composed by Terramoss products you will have so advantageous like no need maintenance, having wide product range and our eco-artistic approach.
Durability: when you touch to our products you will feel freshness of a just picked flower but you will amaze when you learn such flowers have durability power for years.
No requires Maintenance: If you have worries about maintenance of a vertical garden made of Terramoss products then you may forget it! No need watering or sun light.
Wide Product Range: At our Vertical Garden applications, you may meet plant and moss types which you have never seen. You will have incredible richness with various plants in more than 200 range colors and size.
Eco-Artistic Approach: While we sign Terramoss designs, nature will be exposed to art shaped by itself. Our each design is turned into a master work of the site in a handmade picture. We perform unique works belong to only you through using all techniques and materials of art at our scene pictures.
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